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 A Message to Our Customers

Welcome to our web site, we're glad you interested in an UnderCover product. At UnderCover our focus is on Quality. Not just perceived quality, but real quality. the kind that takes real assets and hard work. Moreover, it takes a commitment to excellence to achieve that quality. 

Our long term goal, from the very beginning, was to build a company that served the needs of our customers and set the standard for high product quality, superior customer service and value. Our objective was driven by the fact that “the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory,” and that “nothing looses customers faster than poor customer service.” So far we have been successful in delivering and supporting a product that is loved and valued. aa

We also recognize that you, the consumer, are still our best, and worst, forms of advertising. If we can't meet your expectations and solve your concerns with a high quality product that is a value for your money, then our long term goals will have a short life span. 

Our commitment to all of our customers is that while being perfect is impossible, we will always attempt it. 

You have many choices in the tonneau market. I feel certain that as you research and shop for a tonneau cover for your truck that you will find that UnderCover is the product and company that will meet all of your needs and expectations. 

We are honored every time a customer chooses to purchase an UnderCover product. We hope you join our family of satisfied customers. 

Thanks for considering an UnderCover. 

Best Regards,  

David Wells




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